Oregon District 15 Internet Policy

Our purpose is to help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety, and to provide information about AA in our district, with links to our area and AA worldwide.

We have no opinion about any on-line meetings or web sites, they are autonomous.  We recommend that on-line users be very careful about their security and anonymity, and that of others, when participating in on-line recovery activities.

Anonymity and security on the District 15 Web Site is of high importance.  No last names, locations, addresses, email addresses, or personal phone numbers will be published.  The anonymity statement does not include published fliers and similar documents that are meant to be distributed to the general populous of AA in our district or area. 

The operation of our web site is the responsibility of the Web Liaison. The Content Administrator is responsible for reviewing and approving content as a second pair of eyes. The Content Administrator is the Alternate DCM.

The content of the web site is governed by the 12 Traditions of AA.  In particular the principles of recovery, unity, and our common welfare is the context of the web site.  Our ultimate authority is a loving God as expressed in the content of the web site.  We are considerate of the autonomy of groups and individuals. Our primary purpose is to help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.  Outside issues are not published on this web site. The Web Liaison and the Content Administrator are directly responsible to those they serve.  Anonymity is paramount both for safety and to guard the principles of the program. 

Any content that the District GSRs believe is inappropriate will not be published.  If existing content is deemed inappropriate, it will be unpublished.  Questionable content will be reviewed at a District Business Meeting, and accepted or rejected via majority by the District 15 GSRs.

New content and suggestions are welcome from the District 15 GSRs, the groups of District 15 at large, and members of the area. Content will be added at the discretion of the GSRs, Web Liaison and the Content Administrator.

Policy approved at District 15 Business Meeting, 08-03-2011